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We are building the Real Idea Shop for you by bringing together the resource you need in one place that will inspire you and your people.

​At the heart of the shop is our store or knowledge base of ideas from the leading thinkers in areas like Change, Project and Knowledge Management along with the business books you always meant to read. We then capture the key Big ideas which we add to our Ideas Wall so that you can connect play and innovate.
​This store is currently under construction but if you want to be kept posted let us know
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Bright Ideas Group 

We seek to build, connect with and nurture a community of business leaders who believe what we believe, that capitalism can be a force for good in the world. The Bright Ideas Group brings people together to share Real Ideas that can make this difference to their businesses and be the change they want to see

We live this purpose through bringing the community ideas from within and outside it, both current and from the past in a quarterly journal. This is focused on a topic of practical interest at the time of publication to keep it relevant and REAL.  

The community is also brought together through virtual Discovery groups where subscribers can learn from others where these ideas have already been successful

BIG Journal

Each quarter we work with the community to identify a topic which is relevant for the business environment. This then becomes the focus for our research and curation of key ideas from thought leaders both current and past. These are then presented in an easy, digestible and accessible format in the Journal along with articles from members of the community.

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The community is then brought together in virtual meet ups to meet and talk with other business leaders to create affirmative topics of change for their organisations.

This approach is consciously positive because we believe that the community will grow in the direction of the questions it asks. So the ethos of the group is not to find out how we fail but where we can succeed.

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Turning Ideas into actions with workshops that engage and inspire your people to be the change

Discover Dream....

Our workshops style is affirmative building on the strengths and talents your people already have. They first discover where this change is already taking place and then to dream about what a world would look like which was always this way.

More about BIG workshops here

Design &Deploy

From imagining a world where this change has already happened we ask your people to design the process to get there using their day to day experience. This then becomes the blue print for your deployment which ensures their engagement - its their plan!

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Building BIG for good

Finding your positive core

Building BIG for good starts with Appreciating the positive core of strengths skills you already have in your people. This isn't an aspirational vision but what you and your people are really like when you are a force for good - your people feel worthwhile, your clients feel valued and your organisation succeeds while being good citizens. 

Our BIG Inquiry workshop is designed to identify this positive core in your business now and supports you in maintaining this fire for the future

More about the BIG Inquiry here

BIG Agenda for Growth

Growing your business to be the force for good you want it to be, is about asking the questions that determine a positive direction for you and your people that leverages your Positive Core. By being an active participant in the BIG Community of others who feel like you provides a constant source of affirmative topics.

You can take part in this Community through subscribing to the the BIG Journal, attending BIG Meetups and accessing our webinars

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Building BIG

By connecting these affirming ideas with the positive core of strengths and skills in your people, you can use the BIG questions as an engine for your business growth as a force for good. 

We can help you do this through our workshops which are built around your people discovering the strengths they already have, Dreaming about using those strengths, Designing how they can express them and adding to yours and their Destiny as a force for good.

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Being BIG

Our Community of like minded leaders also has a Positive Core of strengths you can tap into as a constant source of inspiration. That comes from the connections you make for the long term

An important part of our community and what makes us BIG is the connections we make and the resources that we capture to build a BIG culture. We  help by providing the structure that this culture can build on through Meet Ups and by curating the resources you need 

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