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How can you change what you don't know is there?

21.02.21 09:43 AM Comment(s) By Nick Bird

Can you learn to see things from a place you don't know exists

One of the most difficult things your organisation can do, is change its mindset if it doesn't know what that is. Its not as if you can easily discover what it is, through its failure to accurately account for some objectively real world. Your mindset determines what that world is for you and your people. So how can your organisation know that the world it sees is the right one? Or that the problems it addresses by finding out what causes them, are the right problems, the right solutions or even the right causes? 

This is only an issue for an organisation when its environment changes. But here again there are challenges. Rapid profound Black Swan changes are rare but you know when they happen, you just don't have time to respond effectively. But slow incremental change is much harder to detect and, like the proverbial frog, you can slip complacently into being boiled alive. Natures answer to this challenge is creating sufficient variability in the species, to enable it to survive, even if the individual is a victim to unfitness.

So the challenge for organisations that intend to survive, grow and thrive long term, is how to create the variability of mindset which will mean it can see change for what it is, detect the right problems, understand their causes and adopt the right solutions. Or as Peter Senge in the Fifth Dimension suggests, learn to identify the hidden assumptions we are using, to learn about what is happening (double loop learning as Chris Argyris would call it).

The only way of doing this is to identify and value those unreasonable difficult people in your organisation, who are inspired by their own vision, committed to finding their own truth about what is really going on, and have the creative drive and energy to forge new ways of thinking and doing. These are your mountain people who live life on the edge, because otherwise they feel they are taking up too much space. Harnessing this creativity and originality is your protection against change and the guarantee of long term survival for your organisation

This video is about them and Senge's Mindset Practice that will empower your organisation to deliver on its mission.

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